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Typ Android is a site about tech, hardware and software and everything in between. We mostly write stuff about Android and everything around it. But we're more open minded than that. We review all tech we can find, but then again, it's almost always somehow connected to the operative system of Android.

Typ Android is a Swedish wordplay. It's hard to translate to English but it is supposed to mean "Kind of Android". As in the answer to the question "what is your site all about?" were we answer; "It's about Android, kind of".

The team at Typ Android are Swedish and almost all of our article are in Swedish and it will stay that way. However we love to try out new products and tell the internet about them. We review hardware as well as software, as long as we have devices that support that software. If you like us to review your product in Swedish please contact us, at or fill out the form down below and someone from our team will answer you within 24-hours.

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