tisdag, februari 23, 2016

Typ Android in English

The recent weeks have been awesome. We have received a lot of traffic from countries outside the Nordic ones and also outside of Europe. We are of course happy that we are growing, but at the same time sad that we can not offer the best from us in english, or any other language for that matter, since we're fully committed to the Swedish "market".

To make it easier for you who do not speak swedish, we just want to tell about our translation button at the bottom of the sidebar to the right. Click it and the page will be translated automatically by Google Translate into any preferred language.

While we're at it, let us continue to talk about pages in English, we're happy to tell you that we launched two other pages on Typ Android that are in English. We have made it easy for companies and other people outside Scandinavia to contact us by this page.

We have also made a list of all collaboration partners we have worked with and will work with in the future. To see it, click here.

These pages are entirely in English and will always be there.
Hopefully in the future, we might start to review hardware / software and give you the latest news in english as well. But for now, we will keep on with the swedish even with the demand of today. Thank you all for your support.
The team of Typ Android.